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Everything tile, art and mosaics

Mosaic and Mixed Media Art Classes

All New Workshops for 2017


Playing with Fire.  Patina Metal Mosaic Class       Saturday, January 7, 2017                         9 am to 4 pmish

found objects, mosaic, metal, patina, workshop, class, art class

Learn to patina all kinds of metals and make a mosaic art piece workshop.

Learn to work with metal, a most enduring and beautiful element available to mixed media artists. Metals add structure, texture, color, and pure richness to almost any type of art project.

In this class, I will do an overview of several different types of metal and ways to alter metal and include it in your art. You will learn many ways to alter the surface of metals while making a metal mosaic wall hanging.

You will learn several processes including torching, chemical and natural patina and rust, painting, stamping, engraving, texturing, as well as grinding, cutting, bending, drilling, and punching copper, brass, tin and more! We will use all sorts of cool tools for you to try out.  Many new techniques have been added to this workshop!

All materials and tools included. You will take home a finished metal mosaic. $95

Bring your lunch and an apron.                                                                               Save your seat, email, 


Rusting Fabric Workshop                    Saturday, January 21, 9 am to about 4

workshop, patina, rust, fabric, Vickie Morrow, Scottsdale


Rusting, Fabric, rust, dying, Vickie Morrow, workshop, Scottsdale, AZ

Rusty stuff, fabric dying, rusting, workshop, Vickie Morrow, Phoenix, AZ





Learn to rust fabric.  Think of all the ways you can use this.  Prayer flags, quilting, fiber art, the jacket you wish wasn’t white, in your artwork, scarves, purses….  We all need rusted fabric!

With all the rusty objects in my stash we will have lots of textures and designs to create. There will be a variety of fabrics and plenty of fun.  You will take home a stack of rusty fabric and tons of ideas! All materials provided.          95.00                                                                                                                         Bring your lunch.  And a cafeteria size tray if you have one.                          Save your seat, email, 


Tile Making Workshop                         Saturday, February 4, 9 am to about 4


Two tile making classes in one!  Vickie will demonstrate how to make tiles from your drawings. Learn to make handmade pottery tiles for your mosaic projects or to have as parts for jewelry, assemblage, all of your art.  You can make a “picture in tile” and have time to make random tiles with textures, shapes, parts for projects or jewelry all in the morning. Eat lunch. Learn about clay, glazes and mosaic stuff.  Then glaze your tiles in the afternoon. The tiles will dry for about a week., I will fire for later pick up.

All materials provided and kiln firings included.  Come have fun, make cool tiles and bring your lunch!  135.00

Classes are small and fill fast.  Save your seat, email,  text or call Vickie        602-615-1146


It’s About the Parts!                                Saturday, February 18, 9 am to 4 ish


Parts for our artwork.  You can never have enough.  I will do an overview of several different ways to shape your metal, enamel and anneal the metal.  We will weave the copper incorporating copper wire. Great for journal covers, jewelry or assemblages.

You will learn several processes including torching, enameling, some wire work, grinding, cutting bending, drilling, doming and punching mostly in copper, brass, tin and more.  We will use all kinds of fun tools for you to try out!

All materials and tools included. You will take home a nice cache of parts. Bring an apron and your lunch!  $95.

Please bring safety glasses, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, small hammer, and metal shears if you have them.

This workshop is filling fast!   Class at Vickie’s Studio/Home 5840 E. Windsor Ave, Scottsdale, 85257

To save your seat, call, text 602-615-1146 or email

Art in a Box (Shrine) Workshop  Saturday, March 11, 2017  9am to 4 ish



workshop, shrine, found objects, mixed media, Vickie Morrow, artist, Arizona mixed media, assemblage, art, found objects, big heap, art unraveled, upcycled, rusted, artists, supply, sale, stash, vintage, mid century                                                                                                                 Come make a grand “Art in the Box” (Shrine) using all the parts, fabric and techniques you have learned.

Vickie will have a variety of boxes, containers and drawers for you to choose from.  There will be plenty of stash, tools and instruction to create your art piece.  You will need to bring the focal point (what you are enshrining)                

All materials and tools included. You will take home a nice piece of art. Call or email me with your questions about this workshop.  Bring an apron and your lunch!  $125

Save your seat, email, 

Catching the Light!  Not a wind chime, not a chandelier.

April 8, 2017  9:30 am to 3 ish pm

found objects, mixed media, wind chimes, assemblage

Found object, mixed media light catcher

Make a wonderful repurposed art piece to catch the light.  We will transform a worn out lampshade with rusty wire, possibly an old pan or lantern we find or make and hanging crystals, glass beads, springs, what ever strikes us at the time. If you look close you can see the crystals at the bottom. This catches the light and is not a light fixture. You will take home a most unique piece of hanging art!

Vickie will provide all the supplies and tools.  95.00

To save your seat, call, text 602-615-1146 or email

All workshops at Vickie’s studio/home:  5840 E. Windsor Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85257  


Other upcoming events!

Rusty stuff, fabric dying, rusting, workshop, Vickie Morrow, Phoenix, AZ

fiber art, hand spun yarn, dyed, Big Heap, Artists Stash Sale, Art Unraveled, Fiber art, weaving yarns, knitting yarns, vintage, embroidery, doilies, lace

Art Unraveled, handmade, ceramic, buttons, hangies, tiles 



April 1, 2017, 9am – 3pm                           Artist’s Stash Sale        

All kinds of amazing treasures.  If you use found objects in your art, are an assemblage artist or like rusty and vintage.  This sale is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Come find great bargains on all kinds of goodies to put into your art projects from handmade buttons and tiles, stuff, rusty stuff, vintage chairs, bottle caps, things to stack, great maps, papers and sheet music,

Round things big and small!  Unusual hardware, Madonnas, old jewelry, beads, trays.  A huge collection of boxes,

The list goes on and on……

Starts at 9 am.  Closes at 3 pm

You will want to come early.    See you Saturday March 5!

5840 E. Windsor Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

 Vickie’s studio:           5840 E. Windsor Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

All workshop and Stash Sale at Vickie’s Studio/Home: 5840 E. Windsor Ave, Scottsdale, AZ  85257 (near 60th St and Thomas)

Sign up now!  workshops are already filling.  email: or call 602-615-1146

To save your seat, call, text 602-615-1146 or email

See Vickie’s work every day at one of these galleries:

On the Edge Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale

Fountain Hills Artists’ Gallery in Fountain Hills, AZ

How would you like to have a girlfriend day or sister day? 

Call or email me to put a class together at your place or my studio.

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About Vickie

In the last eight years I have been working in ceramics and mosaics.  Early planned, scaled, glazes tested and precise projects have evolved to richly colored and textured tiles and wonderful abstract mosaic assemblages. Making the tile for my mosaics gives me one more opportunity to immerse myself in the joy of the process.  More recently (now five years ago), I added the found objects element to my mosaics.  Sometimes they are added to the ceramic mosaic and other art pieces are of the found objects only.  As I continue to work and experiment with found objects, clays and glazes and experience their wonderful surprises the more organic my mosaics become.

Lately I have been gravitating to more and more found objects. There is something about the history and patinas of things that I want them in my art work. Rusted zig zags, nails and handmade heart tiles are showing up to create a whole new “Salsa” series of work. It must be a creative departure from the detailed kitchen backsplashes and larger commissions I spend so much time on. I love it all!

Mosaic Commissions

I have been so fortunate to have been commissioned for several mosaic projects in the past months

The Phoenix Children’s Hospital mosaic commission is titled “Coming Together”.  It is in commemoration of all the employees coming together as one family from Phoenix Children’s, St. Joseph’s Pediatrics and Good Samaritan.  I included several significant “found objects”.  The end of the stethescope of the PCH chief of staff, commemorative coins from Phoenix Children’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital as well as employee recognition pins from each hospital and a stone with “HOPE” engraved was included for patients who are well now.  My favorite objects are the  many “Beads of Courage” that are strategically placed within the mosaic composition representing the children who are the patients at the hospital.

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