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Re-use, Re-cycle…RE-CREATE!

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Re-use, Re-cycle…RE-CREATE!

Bring us your broken, your rusted, your worn out objects destined for the trash….

for a chance to win an original piece of artwork by Vickie Morrow, Betsy Halford or Jane Nassano.

We are three unique artists creating original artwork from found and discarded items.

We invite you to come to our special exhibit,  Re-use, Re-cycle… RE-CREATE! at On the Edge Gallery, a 40 local artist collective in Old Town Scottsdale, during the Thursday March 16th Artwalk, from 6-9pm.  The Re-Use, Re-Cycle….Re-Create! show will be open until Saturday, March 18th at 5pm.

As ‘found object/assemblage’ artists, all three of us revel in rescuing bits and pieces of things no one would ever dream of reusing, believing that everything has artistic value.  Combining them with our own diverse visions and perspectives, in some crazy and interesting ways, results in very unique, thought provoking 2 and 3 dimensional art.

We’ll be demonstrating some of our techniques over the course of the show, including the use of encaustic (layered hot wax), assemblage, and mosaic, and working from our personal collections of re-cycled materials. Our show is open to everyone.  Families, kids, art students and would-be artists alike, can immerse themselves in the pleasures and possibilities of ‘trash to treasure’ art.

One original ‘re-creation’ from each of us will be raffled off at the close of the show.  Only those who bring us contributions for our cause, in the form of cracked or chipped china or dishes, old, broken or ugly jewelry (that single earring!), rusty metal anything, old books, vintage fabrics and leather, or anything from your junk drawer, will be given a raffle ticket for the drawing.




Vickie sees things not for what they are but for what they can be.  She gathers her materials in alleys, construction sites, yard and estate sales and receives “donations” from friends discarding most anything.  Things made in the USA give her a particular sense of pride.  She makes her own ceramic tiles and alters many pieces she finds.  “For me, making art is very uplifting especially if it can spark a memory or smile from the observer.”

Betsy’s inspiration comes from her dreams and meditations.  She’s also influenced by events going on in the world and her life.  “There is an emotional thread woven throughout my pieces reflecting part of me.  I have a general idea what I want to convey but let the process dictate where it goes.”  Part of this process involves disassembling old or vintage items, repurposing obsolete parts and incorporating paint, wax or any other elements the piece requires.

Jane’s favorite places to gather art materials are in the alleys and along the canals of her neighborhood.  “I take my dogs for walks and spend most of the time looking at the ground.  Finding rusty bottle caps or pieces of corroded metal get me really excited.  I come home with pockets bulging, full of old, broken things that people have dropped or thrown away.”  It is actually the pieces themselves that define her creations.  By randomly combining some of her favorite finds, the next creation magically comes forth.

So, come and see an art show that’s entertaining and inspiring, and try to see what we see….. how to ‘fill’ an art gallery instead of a landfill!

WHO: Vickie Morrow, Betsy Halford and Jane Nassano.  Three artists saving the planet one bottle cap at a time!

WHAT:  Re-use, Re-cycle…RE-CREATE!  Special Exhibit with Artists’ Demonstrations

WHERE: On the Edge Gallery, 7050 E. 5th Avenue, Old Town Scottsdale

WHEN: March 16th-18th, 2017, Thursday 6-9pm, Friday and Saturday 10am-5pm.

WHY: Do you really need to keep that ONE earring? You know that cracked teacup leaks right?  Are you really going to glue that vase back together again?  Bring us your broken…

On the Edge Gallery • 7050 E. 5th Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ •480-265-8991•