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Vickie Morrow Artwork


Artist Vickie Morrow

Commercial Mosaic

Coming Together: Phoenix Children’s Hospital

All of the tiles are handmade and no two are the same. Each tile represents each individual who works at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. There are objects representing where people have been and where they are going.

There are the Beads of Courage representing the children who come for care. Starting at the fingertips down through the center of the hand you see movement and motion of the individuals on their own journey of Caring, Leadership and Excellence. Sometimes there are clusters of individuals and children, each making their contribution. Often, you experience a path of similar people circling and moving in and out of other activities. All are contributing and are held in the heart of the hand Coming Together to make a difference. Actual size 52″ x 52″.

Artist Vickie Morrow
Artist Vickie Morrow

Residential Mosaic


Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mosaic

You will get kitchen decorating and backsplash ideas at Tile Art Mosaic. We specialize in custom designed handmade tile for mosaic kitchen backsplash, bar backsplash or tile art kitchen accents. Vickie will work with you and your design ideas to create a one of a kind tile art mosaic for you and/or your client. Kitchen decorating ideas include custom backsplash tile designs, mosaic tile art, handmade tile accents to custom ceramic tile kitchen backsplash mosaic murals.

All art tile mosaic kitchen backsplash designs are custom and hand made by the artist, Vickie Morrow. Vickie will work with you and your decorating ideas to create a one of a kind kitchen interior. You may only want a custom tile mural or tile accent over the range or surrounding the kitchen window or the backsplash on an isolated kitchen counter or bar backsplash for your kitchen remodel, we can do it.

Artist Vickie Morrow

Bathroom and Shower Mosaic Art Tile

Decorative bathroom wall tile is a great way to add character and elegance to your bathroom decorating. Create a tile focal point over your bathtub with a custom designed mosaic tile inset or handmade mosaic medallion. A custom mosaic bathroom backsplash can make your bathroom remodel spetacular.

Choose from bathroom tile designs handmade by artist Vickie Morrow or have her work with you to custom design and hand make the tile mosaic for your bathroom remodel design. You pick the colors, textures and patterns to come up with exactly the bathroom tile design you have in mind.