Mosaic is Going to the Kroc!

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After two years and three weeks the six piece mosaic is complete and on it’s way to the new Salvation Army Phoenix South Mountain Kroc Center on a truck!

Transporting large mosaic for installation

Mosaics are tied on to the truck with soft, strong rope.

The children from Rose Linda school make thier tile hands over a year ago, the little houses made by families in South Mountain last summer, tile made by artist friends and neighbors, every Monday since September………

mosaic, transport, Kroc, Vickie Morrow

Mosaics are secure and ready to go to the Kroc!

Every room in my house became part of this project.  Long tables filled my living room as we worked around them to assemble and set each mosaic panel.


As the panels were completed I stacked them sideways against the wall in my bedroom.  Nothing like having the faces and uniforms of local celebrities sleep with you every night!

mosaic, installation, Vickie Morrow, Phoenix Kroc Center

Mosaic Panels are Installed at the Salvation Army Phoenix Kroc Center

It has been a wonderful adventure and learning experience for me.  I have met wonderful people.  The friends I have made in this mosaic  project have been amazing.


I marvel at how many people do want to be involved, the time they have commited and their beautiful work. As a whole community we have created a wonderful memorable piece of art work for the new Salvation Army Phoenix Kroc Center!

mosaic, grout, Vickie Morrow, Linda Zeien,

Vickie Morrow and Linda Zeien touch up the mosaic panels with final grout.

We did it!